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Extends React.Component

Higher Order Component that automatically listens/unListens to provided Cloud Firestore paths using React's Lifecycle hooks. Make sure you have required/imported Cloud Firestore, including its reducer, before attempting to use. Note Populate is not yet supported.


  • queriesConfig (Array | Function) Array of objects or strings for paths to sync from Firebase. Can also be a function that returns the array. The function is passed the current props and the firebase object. (optional, default [])



// props.firebase set on App component as firebase object with helpers
import { firestoreConnect } from 'react-redux-firebase'
export default firestoreConnect()(SomeComponent)


import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { firestoreConnect } from 'react-redux-firebase'

// pass todos list from redux as props.todosList
export default compose(
  firestoreConnect(() => ['todos']), // sync todos collection from Firestore into redux
  connect((state) => ({

Returns Function Function which accepts a component to wrap and returns the wrapped component

Render component wrapped in context


  • props object Component props

Returns React.Component Component wrapped in context

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