Populate Key Within Items in a List

Populate the owner of each item in a todos list from the 'users' root.


Populate List of Items
import { compose } from 'redux'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { firebaseConnect, populate } from 'react-redux-firebase'

const populates = [
  { child: 'owner', root: 'users' }

const enhance = compose(
    { path: 'todos', populates }
    ({ firebase }) => ({
      todos: populate(firebase, 'todos', populates),

export default enhance(SomeComponent)

Populate Profile Parameters

To Populate parameters within profile/user object, include the profileParamsToPopulate parameter within your configuration as well as using populate.

NOTE Using profileParamsToPopulate no longer automatically populates profile, you must use populate. Un-populated profile lives within state under state.firebase.profile.


Populate Role

Populating a user's role parameter from a list of roles (under roles collection).

export const profilePopulates = [{ child: 'role', root: 'roles' }]
const config = {
  userProfile: 'users',
  profileParamsToPopulate: profilePopulates // populate list of todos from todos ref

// Wrapping some component
  ({ firebase }) => ({
    profile: firebase.profile,
    populatedProfile: populate(firebase, 'profile', profilePopulates),

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