There are a number of reasons to use state selectors, as mentioned in the relesect docs:

  • Selectors can compute derived data, allowing Redux to store the minimal possible state.
  • Selectors are efficient. A selector is not recomputed unless one of its arguments changes.
  • Selectors are composable. They can be used as input to other selectors.

For more information, about why this is important, checkout the motivation for memoized selectors sections of the reselect docs

State Selectors

Select only what you need from state in your selectors instead of the whole firebase/firestore state object:

import { createSelector } from 'reselect';
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { get, sumBy } from 'lodash'

const netTotalSelector  = createSelector(
  state => get(state, ''),
  products => sumBy(products, 'price')

connect((state) => ({
  netTotal: netTotalSelector(state)

In this case Reselect will memoize the products object. That means that even if there's any update to other parts of redux state (including firebase/firestore), the memoized products object will stay the same until there is an update to the products themselves.

See issue #614 for more info.

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