React Chrome Redux

Recipe for integrating with react-chrome-redux

NOTE: This recipe is based communications within issue #157 and is not considered "completed". If you have suggestions, please post an issue or reach out over gitter.

Do not use firebaseConnect in your content/popup scripts.

Use react-redux-firebase in the background script, and communicate with your content/popup using the proxy store and aliases.

Following this pattern allows authenticating the user from the popup:

// in popup, display a login form (component named LoginForm)
// ...
const store = new Store({
  portName: 'example'
// ...
  onSubmit(e) {
    if (this.isValid()) {
      // USER_LOGGING_IN is defined as an alias in react-chrome-redux
      store.dispatch({ type: 'USER_LOGGING_IN', data: {email: "test", password: "test"}});
// ...
// Do not call firebaseConnect here
export default connect(null, { login })(LoginForm);

Then, create your alias in the background script, import react-redux-firebase as well as redux-thunk to wait for Firebase's reply before updating the state (see reply in issue #84 on react-chrome-redux).

// in event (background script)
// ...
const store = createStore(

wrapStore(store, {
  portName: 'example'

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